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  • AJ Good

Rice resigns at Summertown due to insurance situation; can return to school

According to Rice in an email sent earlier this afternoon, he resigned from his position because the state insurance would not put his son who is disabled on their policy. Therefore, he had to go back to Rutherford County where he was still on the county insurance, and he had to get a

job in the county in order to keep the coverage.

In a phone conversation with Principal Lain Hinson also this afternoon, he says Rice can return to the school after the insurance situation clears up. Said Rice will have a teaching position and his coaching job when he returns.

Rice will also continue to coach Summertown on Fridays, just not as the head coach. He will either be on the sidelines or in the booth. Jason Busby will be the interim head coach for the Eagles.

Rice was in his 33rd year as a head coach with stops at Wayne Co, Perry Co, Lewis Co, and Rockvale. He compiled at 210-146 record with 24 playoff appearances and a state title with Wayne Co in 2011.

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